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Best New York Online Horse Betting in June 2023

For all things related to NY online horse betting, New York x Gambling is your ideal place. Our experts are on hand to help you to find the best sites for New York horse betting.

In addition to helping to find the best online horse betting operators in New York, we’ll also provide you with our tip tips. These will help to ensure that you have a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience overall. Let’s not hang around anymore - why don’t we go ahead and get started?

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Who is our NY horse betting comparison for?

In order to find out if our New York horse betting online comparison tool is for you, you just have to ask yourself two simple questions:

  • Are you based in New York?
  • Are you at all interested in horse betting?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then this New York horse betting comparison is for you. No matter how fleeting your interest in online horse betting may be, we’re confident that our horse betting comparison can help you out.

Similarly, the online horse betting aficionados among you should also get something out of this comparison tool. Whether you're just getting into horse betting and are looking to take your first steps, or you’re an advanced gambler who’s looking for a new horse betting online provider in New York, the reviews found within this comparison tool are designed to help you out.

We should quickly note here that sites for New York horse betting online are separated from other sportsbooks. We’ll explain how and why this is so in more detail just a little bit further down the page. However, if you’re looking for regular NY State sports betting sites, you can also find them here at New York x Gambling.

How our comparison caters for gamblers of all experience levels

We stated above that our horse betting comparison tool for New York can be of use to you no matter what your experience level is, or how long you’ve been in the game. But let’s take a more detailed look at what this comparison tool can offer to gamblers of different experience levels in horse racing.


For beginner gamblers, the horse betting comparison here at New York x Gambler offers you the ideal tool to help you get started out. Our operator reviews can help you to find the ideal horse betting sites with which to get started. We’ve hand-picked the most beginner-friendly horse betting sites in New York and rated them for you based on a number of different criteria.

Additionally, on this page, we’ve also provided you with two sets of tips to help you have an overall better horse betting experience in New York. The first set of tips lets you see the five principal criteria we consider when rating and reviewing a horse betting site in New York. In the second set of tips, we give you our top five pieces of advice that should help you have an enjoyable time and get ahead of the game when it comes to NY horse betting online.

Intermediate to advanced users

If you consider yourself to be an intermediate or advanced horse better, then you may fall into one of the following two camps. Either you’re fed up with your current provider and want to switch, or you’ve been doing your betting at the track and now want to take things online. Whether you’re an intermediate looking to level up, or you’re an advanced user who needs more complex bet types and higher maximum stakes, we’ve got site reviews that will help you find what you need.

Horse racing betting NY vs other sports betting types

If you recently signed up to a new sportsbook NY, and were looking for betting markets on horse racing in there, you will have noticed by now that there aren’t any. You may also be wondering why - and it’s a very valid question. The reason why sportsbooks that offer markets for things such as NFL betting NY can’t also offer markets on horse racing is down to New York State law. It might sound a little confusing right now, but we’ll do our best to clear it up as simply as possible.

The first thing to know is that gambling is actually banned under New York’s state constitution. However, there are three major exemptions - the state lottery, horse betting, and tribal casinos (which are limited to seven across the whole state). The fact that horse racing is one of the three exceptions to the constitutional gambling ban means that sites for pari-mutuel horse betting existed long before mobile sports betting went live in New York in January 2022.

Regular sports betting apps NY are now legal despite the gambling ban in the state constitution still being in place. They are legally allowed to operate because the computer systems, through which the wagers pass, are located in the private casino sites that are legally permitted under the constitution, thus not breaking any laws.

So are there now plans to merge horse betting sites with regular sportsbooks?

As of June 2023, horse betting sites and regular online sportsbooks are still separate entities. However, there are plans in motion that should see regular sportsbooks, such as MLB betting sites NY, incorporate horse racing into their library of betting markets. What we are waiting on are deals being done between the sportsbook providers and the horse betting sites.

As things stand though, you need two separate accounts to bet on horse racing and other sports. And that’s why we’ve created this exclusive and dedicated New York online horse betting comparison for you. We hope that’s cleared things up for you a little bit - thanks for sticking with us!

Operator checklist: 5 things we look for when rating New York online horse betting sites

As well as helping you to find the best sites for online horse betting in New York, we want to tell you how we rate and review them. Transparency and trust are at the core of what we do here at New York x Gambling. We don’t want to just show you the results - we also want to show you the workings behind it. That’s why we’ve provided you with an explanation about the top five criteria that we look for when rating horse racing betting sites in the Empire State. Most of these criteria can also largely be applied to other gambling operators as well, including NBA betting sites NY.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a look at the criteria and explain exactly what each one tells us about a horse betting site…


First and foremost, we want to make sure that all of the horse betting sites that we review are completely legal and permitted to operate in the state of New York. Any horse betting site that is active in NY must have a valid license and be approved and regulated by the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) - which is the same body that regulates other gambling forms in the state, including the lottery, private casinos, and online sportsbooks.

NY horse betting is subject to some quite strict and specific rules, which are enforced by the NYSGC. Only pari-mutual bets are legal, and the law prohibits placing bets on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day (the constitution was written up a long, long time ago!). There are also some rules on cancellations that you should be aware of. On a more liberal note, adults aged 18 and over can legally place a horse - as opposed to 21 and over with other forms of online sports betting.

Security measures

Our top two priorities here at New York x Gambling are making sure that you bet legally, and that you are as safe as possible when doing it. With that in mind, let’s address the questions surrounding horse betting site security. When using a betting site, you will be required to share personal and financial information, as well as make real-money transactions, It’s therefore vital that the site is HTTPS compliant and has encryption technology that is as up-to-date and secure as possible. In addition to that, we also want to check out how the operator stores your funds in order to keep them safe from hackers and thieves. You should look for these types of security measures on any site that you use to make financial transactions - not just sites for online horse betting.

Fair terms and conditions

Skim-reading or skipping past the terms and conditions is something that we’re all guilty of. However, especially with betting sites, it’s important to give them a full read-through. We want to make sure that things such as the wagering, payout, and bet-cancelation conditions are fair. The terms and conditions really tell us a lot about how smooth your betting experience is likely to be with a certain provider.

Of course, in some cases, we do need to make certain allowances. For example, when it comes to horse racing betting, New York has some very particular rules regarding online bet cancellations that the operators aren’t able to workaround. Win, place, or show bets with a base of $500, or exotic bets with a base of $50 or more, are not allowed to be canceled online. With most horse betting sites in NY, the terms and conditions will state that you can cancel such bets by contacting the customer service team - usually over the phone.

Bonuses and promotions

We’ve stayed a little on the boring side thus far, so let’s inject a little bit of fun and excitement into this section by discussing the bonus offers. All of the horse betting sites available in new york will have some form of the welcome bonus at the very least. Operators offer such bonuses in order to stay ahead of the competition. All bonuses look appealing in the ads and commercials, however, our job is to scratch beneath the surface.

Once again terms and conditions come into it, as the bonus T&Cs and the small print let us see if there are any hidden caveats that may not make a bonus worth your while. These can include high wagering requirements, short time limits, and so on. As well as checking through the T&Cs thoroughly, we also actually take up the bonus ourselves and test it out in reality. That’s the only way that we can really give you a true account and review of how a bonus actually works.

You can find our reviews of the best offers available today, including free bets NY, in our bonus comparison here at New York x Gambling.

Payment options

How you make payments into your horse betting account, as well as how you can receive your withdrawals, might not seem like such an important thing. However, the payment methods that you use are almost always interlinked with some of the steps mentioned above. For starters, some payment methods are safer and more private to use than others. On top of that, you may also find out in the terms and conditions that your preferred payment method makes you exempt from claiming the bonus - it’s becoming rarer these days, but it does still happen. 

Also, if you were thinking of funding your betting account via bank transfer or credit/debit card, you may have to find an alternative. Aside from these being the least private types of payment options, some US banks do not allow you to use your account with them to fund any form of gambling. Moving away from that side of things, there’s also the question of fees and transactional speed.

What we’re ideally looking for is a solid and varied range of deposit and withdrawal options that contains your ideal payment method. We also want to see little-to-no fees for all payment methods and speedy transactions. Instant deposits are always easy to find - it’s finding a site with speedy withdrawals that’s tricky.

Other things we consider when rating sites for NY horse betting online

Above we have provided you with the five most important things we look for when rating and reviewing a horse betting site in New York. However, they are not the only five aspects that need to be considered when rating a site. We’d therefore like to quickly run through some of the other criteria that we look for in a horse betting site that didn’t get a mention above.

User reviews

An important part of constructing our expert operator reviews and ratings here at New York x Gambling is checking out the user reviews from regular users. Using customer reviews allows us to take our expert hats off and to see things through a different lens. The main objective of our NY online horse betting comparison is to help you to find your ideal betting site. It’s therefore essential that we get several different opinions and viewpoints about the site.

Customer service

Even with the very best horse betting sites in New York, things can always go wrong. If and when you do encounter an issue, it's important that you're able to resolve it as quickly and as easily as possible. At the very least, the contact details of the operator and the customer service channels should be easy to locate. Ideally, an operator should have an online live chat, phone line, and email service available 24/7.

Rewards and loyalty

As well as offering tasty welcome bonuses, most horse betting sites will also take care of their existing customers as well. Usually, this is done via some form of rewards and loyalty program. Usually, how these work is that you get extra benefits the longer you stay and bet with the same site.

Find your ideal New York online horse betting site here

Our main goal here at New York x Gambling is to help you to find your ideal gambling site. That’s why we take the time and care to review and rate sites based on a number of different criteria. This includes everything that we’ve explained above, however, we also aim to dive into more detail.

The idea behind this is to help you to first figure out what type of gambler you are. In doing so, we can then help you to realize exactly what you’re looking to get out of your horse racing betting NY experience. Once we know as much as we possibly can about what you are looking for, we can then help lead you to your ideal site for betting on horse racing in New York. We apply the same principle to all of our comparison tools here at New York x Gambling, including our NHL betting sites NY reviews and ratings.

So how exactly can we lead you to your ideal horse betting site? First of all, we need you to ask yourself some questions…

What type of horse betting gambler are you?

Deciding upon what type of gambler you are is essential to finding your ideal betting site within our comparison tool. To do this, you need to first think about your behavior. How frequently you’re going to be betting, how much you’re going to be betting, and at what time you’ll be betting are just some factors that can influence what type of horse betting site might best suit you.

If you’re going to be betting infrequently and at fairly low stakes, then you should probably rule out the more complex sites that are aimed at advanced horse betting sites. This is a more important factor to be considered when it comes to horse betting than it is with most other forms of sports betting.

Other sportsbooks are still relatively new to New York, having only been legalized in early 2022. However, horse betting has been legally permitted in the Empire State for decades. As a result, you’ll find that almost all regular sportsbooks are beginner-friendly to an extent. With horse betting, on the other hand, there are plenty of old hands around, meaning some sites may already require you to have a certain degree of knowledge.

There are plenty of beginner-friendly sites around though, that can offer you a safe and enjoyable introductory experience to NY horse betting. You can find such sites right here in our comparison. Of course, if you are looking for the more complex, high-stakes sites, you’ll find them here as well.

Timing and location

You may not even have considered this one, but when and where you are going to be making your horse racing bets is mighty important. If you’re a bit of a night owl and are likely to be placing your bets during the small hours (New York is the city that never sleeps, after all), then you’re going to want to sign-up with an operator that offers you around the clock customer service in case you have any issues.

Now let’s address the where…

If you work a lot or are just constantly out and about, and on the move - as many New Yorkers are - then a good mobile betting service will be essential for you. Ideally, you’re going to want to find an operator with an actual downloadable betting app. That being said though, a great many horse betting online operators have a mobile-optimized version of their site that can be every bit as good, or even better than, a betting app.

What races do you want to bet on?

Probably the most obvious thing that you need to think about when it comes to betting on horse racing, is the races that you want to wager on. Do you just want to stay local? Are you looking for US-only races and events? Or do you know your horses really well and want to wager on overseas races, such as the UK, Ireland, South Africa, and Hong Kong? Many of the best New York-based horse betting sites will allow you to bet on a wide range of races across the world. In fact, most of them will - it’s finding the ones with the best odds that’s more important.

Horse racing betting New York - Our five top tips for using the best sites

Helping you to find your ideal horse racing betting site is only half the battle when it comes to your overall experience. Once you’ve found the right site for you and opened your horse betting account - that’s when the real fun begins. When it comes to actually placing your bets and using your account, it’s important that you have a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience. That’s why, in addition to our NY horse betting online reviews, we’ve also provided you with our top five tips that should keep you safe and having fun when using the sites.

Do your research

When betting on any sport, it’s important to do your research and follow the experts as best you can. With horse betting though, this becomes so much more important. Information isn’t as open and out there in the public sphere with horse racing as it is with other sports, such as football or basketball. Although it’s a global community, it’s also a tight-knit one with some well-guarded secrets. Getting as much info, and following reputable tipsters can really help enhance your experience overall.

Don’t get ahead of yourself

This tip is especially important for beginner to lower intermediate horse racing gamblers. Understanding the basic types of horse racing wagers is pretty straightforward, but horse racing also has some of the most complex bet types in the world of gambling. By all means, you can progress and experiment as you gain more experience and learn more, but just make sure you do so at pace. There’s absolutely no shame involved here - if you don’t understand certain types of exotic bets, then just steer clear of them until you feel that you are comfortable and have the knowledge.

Manage your bankroll

It’s vitally important to keep on top of how much money you are spending on horse race betting on a weekly or monthly basis. The best way to do this is to set out a plan to manage your bankroll from the very beginning. Even if you are betting on a very casual and infrequent basis, it’s still important to keep track of what’s going out and coming in. Make your initial bankroll budget, set out a certain amount of that for each wager, then plan your bets. These are the three basic pillars of a bankroll management plan.

Avoid longshots

Betting on horse racing and the lottery is not the same thing, and should therefore not be treated the same way. Don’t place a bet the same way you would buy a lottery ticket. There is a tremendous amount of luck involved in horse racing, but knowledge and research can help to tip the odds in your favor. The most important thing is to avoid backing an underdog with long odds. Sure the potential payout might be good, but unless someone has given you the tip of the century, the chances of it coming up are almost zero. Play the long game instead - place small, modest, and well-thought-out bets with reasonable odds to try and build up your bankroll over time.

Use your bonus wisely

It can be all too easy to view a free bet token or bonus credit as a free shot to fritter away on a longshot bet on the off chance it might come up. However, you’re better off referring back to the above point, and treating bonuses in every bit the same way as you would treat your own real money deposits. Use your bonus sensibly and you’ll have a better chance of making the most of it. This should make for a more enjoyable betting experience overall.

A round up of New York online horse betting

So we’ve now given you the lowdown on online horse betting in the Empire State. The key thing to remember is that, as things stand, it is treated differently and somewhat separately from betting on other sports. What we recommend now is that you make use of the horse betting reviews and ratings found within our comparison in order to find your ideal site. Once you’ve done that, follow our advice in order to help ensure that you have the best possible betting experience.

NY online horse betting FAQ

🐎 Can you bet on horses online in NY?

In order to fully address this question and to give you a completely fulfilling answer, it’s better to explain the current status of the New York gambling law in 2023. At first glance, things may seem a little complicated. That’s why we’ve consolidated the most essential information and presented it in a way that’s easy to follow, without all of the legal jargon. Follow the link on to our homepage to find out more.

🗽 Is horse racing betting legal in New York?

Horse betting is treated somewhat separately from other types of online sports wagering in New York. Is this for better or for worse - it’s a little complicated. Here at New York x Gambling, our experts can help explain all of the ins and outs of NY state online sports betting laws, so that you know exactly what is legal, and what isn’t.

🏆 What is the best online horse racing betting site in New York?

That depends, what are you looking to get out of a horse racing site? New York is home to quite a few horse betting sites - and the one that suits your neighbor, might not necessarily suit you. The horse betting NY comparison tool here at New York x Gambling is designed to help you find your ideal horse betting site in the Empire State. You can read more about it on our site.

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